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Starfisk offers solutions for the (monetized) distribution of microservices through APIs and APPs.

Our focus is government related applications such as e.g. sector federations or other vertical professional interest organisations.

Are you ready for the API economy?

Today, a firm without application program interfaces (APIs) that allow software programs to interact with each other is like the Internet without the World Wide Web. Just as the World Wide Web opened up the internet’s potential for use by billions, APIs — specifications or protocols for how to exchange information or request online services from an organization — are allowing companies to grow businesses at unprecedented rates by sharing services with external firms.

“APIs are the windows to new ecosystems. “

“APIs allow firms to expand into markets they may never have previously considered. “

“APIs can generate growth for companies. “

While many may see APIs as just a technical concept, they clearly overlook the rising strategic significance of APIs. Particularly with the internet of things bringing digitization to all kinds of products and services, the influence of APIs is growing far beyond technology firms.

All CEOs may soon need to find ways to align APIs with their growth strategies. In the classic HBR article “Marketing Myopia,” Theodore Levitt asked a provocative question: “What business are you really in?”

Our microservices enable you to monitize your APIs and APPs!

digital cremation permit

Collaboration with:

In 2015, V-ICT-OR, Pontes and StarFisk joined forces to enable a digital workflow w.r.t. the formal permission for the cremation ceremony.

This renewed workflow allows morticians to interact with public servants - and vice versa - from within the context of their respective preferred software environment.

As technology enabler, StarFisk developed and operates an API-based infrastructure that integrates the mortician part of the process with the local government part.

This API infrastructure, which is primarly based upon StarFisk's microservices, allows existing software integrators to integrate this document request-retrieval in the (automated) working environment of morticians and public servants.

E-governement for the Belgian Real Estate sector

Realized by Starfisk consultants for CIB-Vlaanderen and BIV:

In the period 2004-2015, our business and technical consultants incubated a successful joint venture with CIB-Vlaanderen, within the Real Estate sector: ORIS nv

Thanks to our efforts, a new API-driven service ecosystem has been created, offering a wide range of valuable digital tools for Real Estate agents. Examples are: MyRentPro, BTV, ...

As a consequence of its strategic value to the Real Estate sector, CIB-Vlaanderen took up full ownership of ORIS in june 2016.

In 2011, our business and technical consultants also developed the online access service to the cadastral registry database for BIV: KadasterFinder


For ArtistsUnited

ArtistsUnited is a member organisation serving individual artists, artist groups and event organisers.

As technology partner, Starfisk delivers custom software services, mainly aimed at the automation of ArtistsUnited's services, e.g. PayPro Service.


In collaboration with VOKA - TANARA

This new concept was launched by VOKA in the TANARA region. Starfisk has been instrumental as the technology provider.


Partner Xatrax nv

Xatrax is the owner of ArchX, the leading office software for architects and building engineers.

ArchX is shifting towards the cloud with StarFisk as consultant and technology enabler.

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