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  • Artists United
    By bringing our services online, we give artists a worldwide stage Servaas Le Compte, CEO Artists United
  • SOC Informatique
    Modular microservices help us centralize knowledge and monetize it St├ęphane Lotz, CEO SOC Informatique
  • Howest
    We can now turn our research into practical solutions Kurt Callewaert, Lecturer @ Howest

About us

Starfisk is a team of experienced SaaS-developers and managers

We are based in Bruges, Belgium

Using modern practices like Scrum, Agile and Continuous Integration, we make your digital transformation happen

Our solutions

Manage Cloud Infrastructure

Your customer expect your services to be available everywhere and all the time. Let our senior Cloud architects build the pillars underneath your product. Using continuous integration and delivery, we make sure you can keep updating without effort. Your customers get the latest changes while everything keeps running. By orchestrating clusters of servers through Kubernetes, you get a highly available and dependable software system. A true foundation for your future.


  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Bareos

Build & Maintain Cloud APIs

Become part of the API economy. Through building a network of decentralized microservices, we ensure you never have to write the same line of code again. These modular APIs can talk to each other but also be integrated with your existing applications. This way even legacy software can be made cloud-aware. And our identity management system keeps your data safe using industry-grade encryption.


  • Gitlab
  • Elastic
  • Fluentd

Facilitate Vendor & Customer Ecosystem

Traditional companies are sure to benefit from offering their products online. Your digital transformation should be as comfortable as possible. We ensure your intellectual property gets the right treatment. Let us handle pre-paid transactions, recurring payments and subscription models. In collaboration with our technology partner Enhansa, we offer the Enhansa Marketplace and Workspace. This global SaaS platform enables selling and reselling of your software. Let us worry about payments and identity management. You can focus again on what's important: building a great product!

Technology Partner:

  • Enhansa Market

Enabling Premium Microservices

Every transaction is worth something. Our Wallet technology makes sure you get paid for it. Whether by in-app purchases or through monthly subscriptions plans, you are in control of your pricing. Sell your microservice through the Enhansa Marketplace, extend existing applications or resell a third-party application in your professional network.

Customer Care

Great microservices don't stop at their endpoints. By trusting industry-standard service solutions like JIRA, we provide you with quality customer care and support. We also track your users' problems and help troubleshoot them with our technical staff.


  • Jira
  • Jira Service Desk
  • Mailjet

Our partners

Starfisk has a network of partners on technical development, business development and consulting skills.

  • Howest - University for applied sciences
  • Enhansa Market
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